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PalletQualifier - “The Company that needs a Pallet Scraper is already paying for it !”

One of the problems a concrete block plant has, is the buildup of spillage on the pallets
used in the molding process. Concrete buildup on pallets cause quality problems.  Brushing will get rid of the dust,   but not the buildup that is caused by hardened concrete spillage. 

Three years ago we designed a pallet scraper that follows the KISS (Keep-It-Simple) concept, and installed a few close to our location. Two years of
field testing in these locations has proven the design and allowed us to refine it.

The photo below shows the "PalletQualifier" in actual application.

The next photo shows the addition of strip brushes that were added to remove scraped material that
would otherwise stay on the pallet.

The “PalletQualifier”  (scraper) has these field proven features: 

● Precision ground, Hard tungsten carbide scraper plates that have 4 sharp edges and are easily fact all the plates can be changed in less than 30 minutes.

● Special jam-proof design.   

● Spring loaded tension – requires no adjustment after installation.

 ● Small footprint....does not normally require a floor stand, although we have one available 

● Double, flat strip brush removes scraped debris from pallet.

● Cleaner pallets reduce mold wear and increase bottom flatness.

 ● Molded block products will have a more consistent height

● Available in Big Board and Small Board size. Note - Photos show the Big Board size.
We are sure that you will be interested in this device. It is available as a kit for your plant personnel to
install, or we can do the installation for you, at additional cost.

Newest design integrates a scraper with a rotary brush that automatically adjusts the brush height to compensate for brush wear.