Machine Remanufactures
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Machine Remanufacturing

Teardown, Clean, and Paint
The machine is totally disassembled.  Castings are cleaned and repainted, using modern Epoxy based paints in your choice of color.

The slides, adjustment surfaces, and tables of the machine are resurfaced to the original condition or better.  Planning provides straightness for cast iron surfaces.  Grinding restores hardened ways.  Synthetic way inserts can reduce friction and wear for the more demanding surfaces.

Sliding surfaces are hand scraped-in for final accuracy to provide the bearing with the smoothness necessary for long life.  This skill has almost become a "lost art", but nothing takes its place, even with today's modern technology.

System Rebuilding
The hydraulic, pneumatic, coolant and lubrication systems are restored or totally replaced with new and often improved units.  Particular attention is paid to modern, failsafe lubrication systems.

Electrical Control
CNC, PLC, and motion controls are offered for improving resolution, speed, and accuracy of slide motion.  Brushless servos and AC Spindle Drives virtually eliminate motor brush and heat problems.

Commissioning and Qualification
We fully inspect the machine as it is being rebuilt.  Quality is "installed" every step of the way.  The machine is typically run-off with the customer present on their work-pieces or other suitable test pieces.