Gear Hobber
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Gear Hobber Re-Manufacture
Liebherr Gear HobberShown here are results of our Gear Hobber program.  The original machine is remanufactured, with our modern control system retrofit.  This utilizes field proven components such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC),  Motion Controls, and Operator Interface Terminals (OIT).  All are networked together to operate the hobber seamlessly. The operator enters gear parameters via the OIT using an interactive scheme.
Complex CNC code is not required !

Controlled axes are:


TABLE ROTATION, "electronically geared"  to the hob rotation


     Electronic Crowning is an optional feature







We tear the "old" hobber down to bare castings.  We clean, inspect and paint them.  After which, we begin the reassembly process.  Slides are fitted by hand scraping to the original specifications.  Power flaking provides renewed surface lubrication.  Servo driven precision ball lead screws are added.  Change gears and associated mechanisms are eliminated.  We pay particular attention to the lubrication scheme, and typically install  lube systems with fail safe monitoring.  All bearings and seals are new.  Bearings are usually the same as factory originals (i.e. high precision.)  All hydraulic components are new.  All electrical components are new.  The electrical enclosure is AIR CONDITIONED and NEMA 12.  Advanced circuit protection is utilized.  Below is a Pfauter 400 after stripping down. 

Pfauter Gear Hobber Before Rebuilding

Below is the Pfauter 400 just prior to shipment to our customer.  It has been painted to the customer specifications and is undergoing  tests with the customer's tooling and blank work-pieces.  Parts are checked for accuracy and conformance to tolerance.  A "runoff" is done with the customer's representative present.  Normally we do operator training at this time.  However, when the machine is installed, we also train other operators as well as the maintenance personnel.. See what it's like to work with us for...
Informed Maintenance Project Engineering. 

Pfauter Gear Hobber After Rebuilding