Control Retrofits
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Control  Retrofits
The SCS Group is well versed in the retrofit of industrial controls.  Many so-called "system integrators" are specialists in specific manufacturer's equipment, but have scant  knowledge of actual machine tool operation.  This often results in overkill or the use of an inappropriate control for the job.  Our strategy is to engineer a system based on results.  This includes ease of operation and ease of maintenance.

Our favorite, field proven technologies and components are:

bullet Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) - Allen-Bradley SLC500 or Micrologix
bullet Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) - Actek , Delta Tau or Hypertherm Automation
bullet Motion Controls (MC) - Pacific Scientific
bullet Operator Interface Terminals (OIT) - Maple-Systems or Quartech

SCS  offers Maintenance Service after installation.  Procurement, assembly, programming, and drafting, are just a few of the additional steps in which SCS can be at your side.