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So what will it be like to work with The SCS Group?
Informed Maintenance Project Engineering... 
What does this mean?

It begins with your sharing with us, any problems requiring assistance in the areas we have outlined on other pages of this site. These include all aspects of machine tools, including mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems. This first step, problem identification, will include a preliminary price estimate from us, which may include charges for an on-site observation.  Even though you may call us to solve a certain problem, we will not assume there is only one problem.  There may be others.  We are experts in machine repair technique, and determining the exact problem or problems is not a step to be glossed over.  While we are making such a determination, we will advise you of any machine functions we see which can be improved.  These will be improvements affecting your companyís productivity, safety, and/or cost efficiency.

Secondly, we solve the problem or problems.  We will work hand-in-hand with your maintenance staff to find the suitable solutions.  As an example, one of the solution steps we employ is the locating and interpretation of old drawings.  Many times such drawings are hard-to-read and/or in a language other than English and hold valuable keys to efficient solutions.  Whatever the solutions, we will explain them fully to your staff.  In addition, as we progress, your cost options will be fully discussed in advance.

When we have completed our work, your maintenance staff will understand the work which has been done. Our visit is in-part a teaching visit.  We will train your maintenance department and your operators in functions, materials, and methods so as to drastically reduce future down-time.  This Informed Maintenance concept also means similar problems in the future will most likely be recognized well in advance by your personnel.  Finally, when possible, we will have retrofitted existing machines and components in a manner which will have improved your companyís production and quality.

Through each of the steps we have just described, safety will be our primary watchword.  SCS is fully compliant with all agency guidelines and regulations.  Safety tips as well as maintenance tips will be left with your well-informed staff.  Call us soon and letís discuss how we can improve your companyís productivity and quality through

The SCS Groupís Informed Maintenance Project Engineering !

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