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The BlockQualifier is a vital tool in achieving the concrete block and paver industry's demand for tighter product height control.  Laser technology brings precise measurement while the display monitor offers a visual representation of the blocks on the pallet.

Three laser BlockQualifier for "Big Board" machines
The main monitor screen allows the operator to visualize the pallet and height dimensions of the blocks.   The operator may choose a screen showing the contours of the blocks with tolerance reference lines.
The color green signifies that the blocks are within tolerance. The color red signifies that the blocks are too high, while the color orange signifies that they are too low.

BlockQualifier Operational Description

PURPOSE: The BlockQualifier was designed to provide PAVER BLOCK and WALL BLOCK producers with a system which performs accurate block height measurement automatically as the blocks are produced in their factories. It is a vital tool for the Wall and Paver Block producing industry.

USER BENEFITS: The BlockQualifier system provides userís with:

bulletbetter product quality
bulletsavings in scrapped product
bulletreduced downtime during mold changeovers
bulletimproved plant safety because the operator is not continuously leaning over the moving conveyor to take measurements.

OPERATION: The BlockQualifier performs non-contact block height measurement of concrete blocks automatically, by use of state of the art LASER technology combined with custom designed digital control software. The Laser measurements are taken at the block location on the conveyor, as they leave the Block Machine and transferred digitally to the BlockQualifier display monitor, with is located next to the Block Machine operator. Either Wall Blocks or Paver Blocks can be measured by the same system.

PRECISION: The BlockQualifier measures block height with Laser precision to within 0.5 mm accuracy. The measurement operation is adaptive, so that it measures the blocks relative to the pallet.

BROAD COVERAGE: The BlockQualifier design uses three Lasers, which are positioned to measure the blocks across the width of a pallet. This provides the operator with a more complete picture of the height accuracy of the product being produced, because the measurements are displayed on an easy to read display screen which is located next to the Block machine operator.

The BlockQualifier display provides the user with a concurrent reading of the block height of the blocks in 3 lines on a pallet, instead of the one or two odd blocks that are usually sampled by manual means.

The 3 LASER configuration provides the broadest coverage available when compared to single Laser systems that employ mechanical shift apparatus. The BlockQualifier is always measuring the block height across the board without the need for constant user adjustments. (Note: 2 laser systems are available for small board machines.)

OVERALL BOARD DISPLAY: The BlockQualifier system provides a display screen on the BQ Monitor which enable the operator to view overall block height measurements of the entire board, all at once. This gives an instant view of the high/ low points on the board, without having to run out to the conveyor to take manual measurements.

UNIQUE GRAPHIC PROFILE DISPLAY: The BlockQualifier system provides a unique display screen on the BQ Monitor which provides the operator for the first time ever, with a view of the profile of the board that is not available elsewhere.

PROFILE DISPLAY: Very significant is the ability of the new Graphic display screen, to display a precise PROFILE presentation of all of the blocks in line on a pallet, as they leave the Block machine. The advantages of this screen are apparent. For one thing, the operator can instantly see any height taper on a pallet, indicating that the mold fill needs adjustment.

Also, any taper over the length of a block will be immediately apparent, so that the operator can make the appropriate adjustments at once. It is apparent that the taper measurement displayed on this unique screen, cannot be practically duplicated by the typical manual measurements. The best news is, that this screen display comes as a standard feature of the overall BlockQualifier system.

IMPROVED PLANT OPERATION: User experience has shown that operators use the BlockQualifier display located next to them, to quickly make required adjustments to the Block Machine, when changing molds for new block configurations. This saves downtime because the block machine operator can read the block measurements from a monitor and make immediate adjustments to the Block Machine to accommodate the new mold. This means reduced downtime during mold changeovers and reduced loss from discarded blocks. Also, a special menu system allows settings to be saved and recalled when changing to different block configurations.

STATISTICAL DATA: The BlockQualifier stores statistical data on block production, which helps managers determine production volume and pinpoint downtime to assist production control.

OPERATIONAL SAFETY: The operator can read the block height measurement data on the BlockQualifier monitor located next to him. This saves labor and improves safety in the block plant.

ADAPTABILITY: The BlockQualifier works with all Paver Block situations;

  1. All block machines makers are accommodated, including: COLUMBIA, KVM, HESS, MASA,OMAG, REKERS, and TIGER.
  2. The BlockQualifier will work with all conveyor types up to a maximum width.
  3. The BlockQualifier handles all block configurations including those with chamfered edges.

INSTALLATION and TRAINING: The installation and training are optionally available from the SCS Group, Inc. Experience has been that an operator can become proficient with the BlockQualifier within the first 2 hours of use.

MANUFACTURER: The BlockQualifier was designed and is manufactured by the SCS Group,Inc., located in Waynesboro, PA. The SCS Group, Inc. has long experience in the design of electro-mechanical systems for industry.

Call or e-mail us for information or to ask for a free CD which shows typical factory operation.

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